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Gracefully Global Group LLC is a Woman, Hispanic and Veteran-Owned Business.

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DUNS: 968128426    CAGE: 6YE51

Primary: 711510 Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers
513130            BOOK PUBLISHERS
8999 Authors, Artists, and Related Technical Services, Independent
2731 All Other Book Publishers
Product or Service Code(s)
76        Books, Maps, Other Publications
U001   Education/Training- Lectures
U008   Education/Training- Training/Curriculum Development
U009   Education Services



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Because DOL, DOD and VA are not equipped to teach critically-needed marketing and branding professional development skills to service members as they exit the active duty ranks, we've developed and facilitated highly-interactive "AUTHENTIC Personal Branding for Military Veterans" workshops and online courses since 2012.

"We were so fortunate to have you dedicate your time to our Pacific Northwest Regional Student Veterans Conference held at the University of Idaho. Your seminars on personal branding for our veteran students were exceptional and all of us that were able to attend came out more confident and skilled in selling ourselves. I appreciate your personal approach with each participant and wouldn't hesitate serving as a reference for anyone looking to invite you to one of their events. Thanks so much and well done!" - Jason Nierman, Director, Military and Veteran Services at University of Idaho, U.S. Army veteran

"Thank you for the wonderful conversation and insight. You made it enjoyable to navigate the thought and process of personal branding. I appreciate the time you took to speak to us personally and help us to find that purpose and how to put it into words. I Look forward to keeping in touch! I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and my boys are excited to have books with their names in them!" - Kristen Fox, student veteran

"It was a pleasure to meet and talk to you last night and today at the student veterans' conference. Thank you for the help in thinking through the branding process. Breaking down marketing into an easy process to think through our own personal brand while addressing all of my fears was amazing in such a short seminar. Your energy is infectious. You are a true inspiration! Thank you Graciela!" - Shaun McAndrew, Navy veteran

"Your workshop helped me to see the ways in which my military experience can be related to my (completely different) future career. I definitely recommend this experience to other students... especially student veterans. Developing a "personal brand" is beneficial to anyone at any stage in their life/career, as it highlights the importance of marketing yourself, and makes everyone realize that marketing does not mean bragging!" -Marissa Rock, Air Force veteran

"Your workshop helped me learn to talk about myself and my accomplishments in a way that employers will relate to and understand. Armed with the tools I learned from you, I will be able to separate myself from other candidates applying for the same positions that I do. More immediately, I will utilize the skills you taught me to make a memorable impression on the scholarship selection committee at Campbell Law." -Charles Howe, Army veteran


Hewlett Packard is a prime government contractor. During Hispanic Heritage Month, Gracefully Global Group delivered in perfect form as confirmed by their comments:

“On behalf of Hewlett Packard, thank you for making our Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration such a outstanding event.  We appreciate the time and creativity you invested to bring this to fruition. Your stories came together beautifully during the September 21st global webcast.   I am hearing from employees, and you are inspiring people to think differently, ask questions and to become engaged.  This was our shared vision, and you made it possible.” —Ashley Houk, Search Marketing Manager, Global Marketing Communications, Hewlett-Packard Imaging & Printing Group


Because every federal agency has a “go green” initiative and our work has positioned us as thought leaders in sustainability initiatives:

“Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is an interdisciplinary thinker marrying green innovations to environmental issues of the day. While she provides important and real life examples in those she has interviewed, she is also a living example of innovation herself. Graciela’s overarching theme is based on the importance of the social network, how it contributes to the historical biography of individual development and the shaping of the Self (in a social psychological sense).”  —Dr. Armando Arias, Founding Director, Street Smart Think Tank a Division of Solution Strategies, Inc. and CSU-Monterey Bay professor

DeVry University -"Graciela's contribution at the Green Science Academy/DeVry Sustainability Symposium added tremendous value. Her workshop was highly interactive, sharing case studies of real entrepreneurs succeeding in running new, innovative, sustainable businesses. By showcasing actual innovations and the principles behind them, the attendees were able to understand the steps needed to create real change in the green economy. Very importantly, Graciela inspired the audience with the economic opportunities being created by these courageous change agents, and also provided to them resources they can act on today. I highly recommend Graciela as a speaker for any event where participants want to learn how environmental entrepreneurship and innovation is happening. She is a true example of an entrepreneur who is leading in the green economy and one who can be emulated by her peers!" —Christopher Scott, MBA, Graduate Admissions Senior Advisor, Devry University


On how we can contribute to the R&D effort for the federal government and prime contractors as strategic thinkers with very different life/professional experiences:

"Moderating a panel means knowing how to keep the attendees’ interest, excitement, and expectations of the event, as well as enabling the panelists to share their knowledge. You can only do this by being knowledgeable of the topic and taking the time to know each of the panelists. Doing all of this is challenging given the time constraints and the breadth of area to be covered. At the National Society of Hispanic MBAs Washington D.C. chapter event called "Latinos Shaping the Green Economy," Graciela Tiscareno-Sato was able to wonderfully meet everybody's expectations. The attendees, panelists, sponsors and our chapter board were very pleased at the end of the event. I want to thank Graciela for doing an excellent job of moderating. I highly recommend her to be in future events and look forward to working with her again.” Mauricio Leyva, Junior Professional Associate, the World Bank and Vice President of Small Business Development, National Society of Hispanic MBAs D.C. chapter event at John Hopkins School of Business, Washington D.C.


Our government and the public need integrity and transparency in dialogue. This testimonial speaks to our capability to “research and get it right”:

"Graciela's writing has impressed me at a number of levels. She always manages to capture the passion and enthusiasm of her subjects (or the subject matter) in a clear, effective manner. Her copy comes in clean, with little to no need for editing. Her sources are well identified and she makes the follow-up and fact-checking processes easy. She has a commitment to make sure that each article is all it can be and has always made herself available for follow up questions. She goes the extra mile to get "it" right. The [Hispanic MBA] magazine's general readership has responded positively to Graciela's articles. As important, the association whose magazine her articles appear in, regularly comments on the quality of her work. We look forward to having Graciela do more articles in the future. Her work is creative, yet disciplined, and we can rely on her to do a good job, within budget and by the agreed-upon deadlines." -Bruce Matzner, Publisher, Hispanic MBA Magazine


Because bilingual, multicultural professionals with global work experience and a world view are in short supply and a much-needed partner for the federal government, this speaks to our valuable contributions to any initiative as global citizens:

“ As you know, I’m in the midst of collecting supporting information for all the claims in the value scenarios so the (sales) regions are confident using the claims in our direct marketing campaign.  In the course of this task, I’ve spent probably 60 hours searching for and reading analyst reports, white papers, presentations and customer case studies. And once again, I find myself uniquely grateful for the quality, professionalism and “globality” of your work. Everything you do is well researched, with legitimate attribution of data sources and you consistently cite examples, costs and data facts from around the world. No one comes close to the complete picture of quality you consistently deliver. Your work is consistently clear, credible and global and I can easily leverage it for discussions with my partners in any region. You make it easy to believe our story. You make it easy to use your work in my work. Your name is my new favorite search keyword. I just wanted you to know once again, I think you are standard bearer for great marketing deliverables. Thank you!”  - Tressa Brophy, Director, Installed Base Marketing Programs, Global Marketing and Communication, Siemens Enterprise Networks (SEN)

JFK University - Federal agencies celebrate national cultural holidays with public gatherings and compelling speakers make or break these events. Here's a testimonial about the unique impact we have during these very visibility gatherings:

"We could not have chosen a better closer. Your words and your work inspired. I'm taking the 'Two by 2020 Mentoring Challenge' to heart; I want to let you know that I will be a PUENTE mentor to at least one local DVC student and I will be pushing my staff to take similar actions in the community. Thank you for giving wings to that initiative.  I look forward to continuing to work with you and to playing a supportive role in your ongoing success. You are a true leader."  Mac, JFK University President (after keynote speech at Cesar Chavez Commemorative Lunch)


Entrepreneurship and innovation are KEY topics for the federal government to continue to bring to employees for inspiration and motivation. This testimony speaks to the unique, fresh value of our literature and presentations on innovators in the green economy:

“Thank you for presenting to our entrepreneurship class. Several students expressed to me that they found your presentation full of not only great information, but very importantly, it was also full of inspiration. I will certainly be recommending to the Dean that we invite you back for our Speaker Series. Thank you so much for a great talk. Jordan Holtzman, Director of Graduate Programs, SBM, Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, California