Authentic Personal Branding Resources

Online Course PLUS Marketing Guidebook
A three-module online course and the "B.R.A.N.D. Before your Resumé" marketing guidebook that features nearly 30 personal branding examples crafted BY military veterans Graciela has personally coached.
The first marketing guidebook written by a veteran (turned marketing professional and entrepreneur) for transitioning military service members, their spouses, and veterans. "B.R.AN.D. Before Your Resumé" uniquely features nearly 30 AUTHENTIC personal branding examples written BY military veterans Graciela has personally coached. This has never been done before. Showcasing personal branding examples FROM the military community is an inspirational way to teach transitioning service members and vets how to become EPIC storytellers of their own value.
For the professional who wants special attention to craft a compelling authentic personal brand, from beginning to end, with Graciela's expert guidance. It includes everything: the three-module online course, a copy of "B.R.A.N.D. Before your Resumé" + 60 minutes of private coaching via video with Graciela.