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PREORDER special - AUTHENTIC Personal Branding for Military Veterans
PREORDER 3 module course NOW at a massive discount, ahead of early fall launch (price will almost double at launch.)  All who preorder will receive a worksheet activity to jump start your learning and branding process. When course is ready in late October, the link will be emailed to you DIRECTLY at email supplied at checkout. Coaching: Package includes a 15-minute 1-to-1 phone/Skype coaching session with Graciela to polish your branding statement into something you’ll be proud to use in your job search, your college application essay or in your personnel package as you seek a promotion in the civilian workplace. PLUS, if you ask, Graciela will connect you with someone in her network so you can do an informational interview and grow your network!
Price: $79.00
COACHING PROGRAM -Birthing Your Book
COACHING PROGRAM -Birthing Your Book
a.k.a. the “I’ve got a book inside me trying to get out” program, this is a 2.5- hour coaching experience to:
• Define WHY you want to create this book
• Define who will care that (i.e. pay for) YOU are writing this book
• Understand what's keeping you from writing (craft a plan)
• Identify 3 key communities of support
NOTE: Please click on green image at left for Program Details.
Price: $299.00

One thought on “Coaching Programs

  1. Hola Amiga y fellow piloto!!

    I am reviewing your site on the coaching, unfortunetly at the moment I just don’t have the funds. HOWEVER, I do want to give you my full support and know that I am sharing your message of grace with the wonderful women I work with in the San Fernando Valley.

    Gracias !
    Olivia ~

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