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COACHING PROGRAM -Birthing Your Book
COACHING PROGRAM -Birthing Your Book
a.k.a. the “I’ve got a book inside me trying to get out” program, this is a 2.5- hour coaching experience to:
• Define WHY you want to create this book
• Define who will care that (i.e. pay for) YOU are writing this book
• Understand what's keeping you from writing (craft a plan)
• Identify 3 key communities of support
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Price: $299.00

One thought on “Coaching Programs

  1. Hola Amiga y fellow piloto!!

    I am reviewing your site on the coaching, unfortunetly at the moment I just don’t have the funds. HOWEVER, I do want to give you my full support and know that I am sharing your message of grace with the wonderful women I work with in the San Fernando Valley.

    Gracias !
    Olivia ~

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