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Letting Your Child's Wild Side Out
For parents of children with disabilities, especially for those who are blind and visually impaired (and the professionals and educators who serve them): This is a truly unique DVD of our daughter who is blind, with an empowerment message from a mother to other parents raising children with disabilities. Length and format: 30 minutes of photos and video of child in action from age nine months to six years old, includes AUDIO of child's mother presenting as she does at educational conferences.
Price: $39.99
Full title of kit: “La Vista de Largo Plazo – una conversacion entre hija y padres, 30 años despues que se fue de casa a estudiar en la Universidad" (Translation: The Long-Term View: A conversation between a daughter and her parents, 30 years after she left home to study at the university) This is a unique parent-engagement kit for educators serving Spanish-speaking immigrants and their school-age children. The DVD provides a long-term view of the benefits of higher education for their children and for themselves. Four questions by the daughter (bilingual award-winning author/publisher/veteran Graciela Tiscareno-Sato) with her parents (Mexican immigrants now American citizens in their 70s and 80s, with adult, college-educated children) yield powerful messages for today's Latino parents who are immigrants. The kit includes a workshop facilitator guide and a worksheet for parents to use at the workshop BEFORE they view the DVD and hear Arturo and Tina’s story. A complete transcript translation of the conversation on the DVD (in Spanish) into English is included.
Price: $229.00
Letting Your Child's Literate Side Out
NEW! (Ships beginning January 2015) - This parent-created DVD is a unique and important tool for service providers serving families with children who are blind, including children who are blind and hearing impaired (as the child in the DVD is both.) It is filled with in-home philosophies, strategies, creativity and resources, coupled with IEP strategies and resources, utilized by tenacious parents intent on ensuring their daughter with dual-sensory impairments would achieve literacy. It includes raw discussion of parents’ emotional journey - from grief and loss at first learning of her blindness and later of severe hearing impairments to a thirst for knowledge, action and advocacy. Follow along and learn what Dad and Mom did at home to learn, and then help teach, Braille and continuous learning to their daughter. Length and format: 86 minutes of photo/video content includes VIDEO of child's mother presenting as she does at conferences.
Price: $74.99
SAVE $15 when you order both DVDs: "Letting Your Child's Literate Side Out" and "Letting Your Child's Wild Side Out." (see description of each in this menu section.) Receive two unique family-created DVDs to bring the voices and ideas of tenacious, informed parents to the parents and children you serve. Full price for both is $115. This package saves you more than 10%.
Price: $100.00

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